As an architect, I’ve enjoyed tremendously working with Chris and his crew. They are sharp, incredibly responsive, understanding of our design direction while still offering great ideas and support and —best of all— they make my clients happy. Unique is the sophistication of their project management thanks to their daily use of software, which keeps clients and professionals immediately up to date. Chris’ engaging personality, openness, and agreeability are evident in his first impression, and have proven consistent throughout the course of construction. I look forward to working with him again.
— James H., Architect
What was far above standard was his attention to detail and his judgment. Chris is capable of understanding the homeowner needs and making important decisions without fail. His subcontractors were equally reliable and dedicated to craft. His crew handled complex moldings, and a 30-foot interior atrium with aplomb. From a technical standpoint, now 4 months post repair I can attest that the work has been flawless. Finally something that is hard to measure in $/square feet, Christopher is a kind hearted man who seems to actually care about not just building code, but the overall outcome of your project. He wants you to be happy with the job done.

I well understand the struggle in choosing a good general contractor. The job requires a certain attention to detail, craftsmanship, accounting capacity and good customer interaction. It is rare to find all these traits in a single company let alone person. Chris and his team manage to provide a combination of superb work and general kindness that is rare to find unified. I cannot recommend him more highly.
— Pierre T.
Every major project has some surprises, and Chris was very fair and easy to work with as these unexpected items came up. Each day, Chris and team worked within some unusual parameters to accommodate this work-a-home client, a very fussy neighbor (noise sensitivity), and our two cats. All participants (Chris & crew, inspectors, etc.) were very respectful, accommodating, and delightful to be around. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work. We’re committed to hiring Chris and his team for any future projects.
— Michael A.

Excellent craftsmanship, super-friendly and fair. A pleasure to work with in every way! Chris and his team are top notch and we are extremely happy with their work and the value they brought to our home. He transformed our basement into a beautiful guest suite with a full bath. The internal stairway he created looks as if it was part of the original floor plan. From the big picture to the small details, Chris and team cover everything with extraordinary craftsmanship. Seriously, hire this guy if you want the job done right and on time.
— Cary S.
I did not anticipate how enjoyable the whole process would be. Chris completed the project on time and on budget. Truly the work done is beautiful! His subs are not only exceptionally skilled but artists as well. Chris strives to maintain warm, attentive relationships with all his workers. He really does care, and that makes all the difference. Even after the completion of our project, Chris has checked in to make certain all is going well. Chris is a superlative contractor, but more importantly he is a great guy! Our family knows how considerate, dedicated, honest, and caring he is, and we all highly recommend him to you.
— Lynn Q.

Chris and his team are top quality and always a pleasure to work with. They did a wonderful job. The details they added are not just flourishes but are elements I could not imagine living without.
— Bob R.
Chris and his team are highly professional and deliver high quality work. When it comes to service, Chris is very patient and accommodating, second to none in helping his clients make right decisions. His projects delivery is supported by a very professional and transparent construction management and above all, it is a real pleasure to work with Chris.
— Brandon G.

Chris and his team were wonderful to work with. Chris was incredibly patient during the bidding and decision making process for a small, challenging residential renovation that had as much to do with making sure the house held up for the next 30+ years as the new design elements. In the process he was immensely helpful to the homeowner and team in making important decisions how to scope the project to include the most important elements and remove what was not needed and could be done later.

Through the construction process, I was called upon only when required to answer important questions regarding revisions, additional details and thoughts about what to do in terms of architectural and design issues, which can be a huge relief when working in custom residential work. The finished work was of great quality and he was very open to how the project was sourced and dealing with owner/architect managed vendors and suppliers, which made the overall delivery and cost exceptional. Chris is incredibly trustworthy and enjoyable to work with, and I look forward to working with him on more projects in the near future.
We just finished a kitchen remodel about 2 months ago and we are very happy with our new kitchen. We were very satisfied with the whole process too. Chris was very trustworthy and he gave us quality work and was easy to talk to when it came to our concerns and our needs. Communication is important in remodels and Chris made that a priority. He has a great set up as far as tracking the quote/budget and dealing with details of the project as you go. This included pricing of what we wanted and the changes we wanted along the way. We’re very check list oriented and Chris’s details allowed us to see where we were at with budget and time. Structural changes which were expected in an old house (and did come up) were explained to us clearly. Chris gave us good options without sacrificing safety and worked with city codes. Did I mention I love our kitchen! The timeline/schedule would’ve gone as planned if we didn’t make changes to the materials we wanted. Keeping to the original plan is sometimes hard when you start to see your new kitchen coming together, so we ended wanting other things and that changed the schedule for us...but so worth it. I should add that the calendar was always there for us to see the timeline of each part of the project so we know ahead of time how much it would be delayed with our changes. I would definitely use Christopher Gate again.
— Megan T.