Our goal at Christopher Gate Construction Inc. is not to only build beautiful projects but to also provide you with a unique experience. The entire process from the estimating stage to project completion is centered around providing you with peace of mind and building a harmonious relationship with you. Our one of a kind pre-construction service gives you invaluable information on your project and allows you focus on living life while we take care of everything from permits to pricing.



Christopher Gate Construction Inc. places a strong emphasis on innovation. Our belief in constantly implementing the latest software/technology available to us has given CGC Inc. a unique advantage over most general contracting firms. Our project management software helps us create accurate bids, meet project milestones, and coordinate with our team of trusted subcontractors to maximize results on your remodel. This exclusive software also gives you the ability to have an inside look on your project by giving you constant project updates, track and approve change orders, view pictures and communicate directly with our project management team. Our innovative-first approach also applies to our highly passionate team of craftsmen. Our on-field team employs the most advanced tools and knowledge which in turn leads to beautifully crafted projects.

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Collaboration is the key to all successful construction projects. Strong communication between our project management team, on-site craftsmen, architects and sub-contractors ensures accuracy and on-time completion of your project. We believe in relaying all project information immediately to everyone involved in the project and most importantly to you. Most companies have a hierarchical military style structure which doesn't promote creativity, collaboration and communication. Through the years, we have fine-tuned our process to involve the most important piece of the project: YOU. 

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Christopher Gate Construction Inc. believes in finding the most passionate and skilled individuals to create an amazing team. We strongly believe in investing in our employees through advanced training and attending workshops because it always leads to successful projects.  Our strict hiring process involves not only finding the most talented craftsmen in the Bay Area but also the most passionate. Nothing beats witnessing a homeowner's smile after seeing their house transform into a "home". 



Christopher Gate Construction Inc. exclusively uses Co-Construct software. It's a powerful tool which allows homeowners a unique inside look on their project.

  • Track change order and expenses
  • Constant communication with contractor
  • Real-time updates
  • Share photos and files seamlessly